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SAP Entitlement Management

The recorded webcast features SAP Entitlement Management.

Why does this matter to you? If your organization is selling products and services with embedded software as part of your solution offering, you will undoubtedly need to track entitlements related to your licenses, products, or services. In today’s challenging environment where having enough cash on hand will make or break companies, can you afford to sustain revenue leakage due to unauthorized usage? If your customers or other third parties are using your solutions without being entitled to them, not only can you face legal risk, but you are giving your solutions away for free. Unlicensed and counterfeit software use is a global problem. Business Software Alliance reports that “…companies are losing nearly $46 billion a year due to unlicensed software”.

Use Cases

· Software: How to manage the software sales, entitlements, and provision / fulfillment orchestration?

· Industrial Machinery: If we plan to deliver additional values, by introducing software in our HW product, how do we track what services are customer can access to?

· Automotive: How many cars can I drive per month with my VIP monthly subscription?

· Pharma: how many tests are allowed with this device?


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