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What is CPQ?
Configure, Price, Quote

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. It is a software tool that helps companies streamline and automate their sales processes. The main goal of CPQ is to make it easy for sales teams to create accurate and consistent quotes for their customers in a timely manner.

Start your Configure, Price, Quote journey at predictable time and cost with CLARITY and SAP CPQ.

Pricing capabilities of CPQ including the Price Management

Pricing is a crucial component of the sales process, and CPQ software includes a variety of capabilities to help companies manage and set prices.

One of the key pricing capabilities of CPQ is the ability to set prices based on a variety of factors such as product or service options, volume, and customer demographics. The software can also handle special pricing situations such as discounts, promotions, and special offers.

Price management is another important feature of CPQ. It allows companies to easily update prices across their entire product or service catalog, ensuring that prices are accurate and consistent. With price management, it's easy to make changes to prices, such as updating prices due to market changes or implementing seasonal pricing. It can also handle the pricing of complex configurations, this can be done by using pricing matrices, formulas or even integration with external pricing engines, that will automatically calculate the price of the configured products.

CPQ can also handle the calculation of taxes, shipping and handling costs, and other additional charges. This can help to ensure that quotes are accurate and that all relevant information is included, which can help to increase the chances of closing a sale.

In addition, some CPQ solutions offer advanced pricing features such as price optimization, which can help companies to maximize profits by identifying the optimal prices for products and services based on market data and other factors.

In summary, CPQ software provides a variety of pricing capabilities that can help companies to manage and set prices for their products and services. This includes the ability to set prices based on a variety of factors, handle special pricing situations, easily update prices across the entire product or service catalog, handle the pricing of complex configurations, and calculate taxes, shipping and handling costs. Advanced pricing features such as price optimization can also help companies to maximize profits.

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