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SAP CPQ and Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration Add-on

Establish a seamless integration between SAP CPQ and to support your Lead-to-Cash process. With CLARITY's SAP CPQ integration adapter, Salesforce CRM and SAP CPQ solutions can exchange sales data bi-directionally and based on events.

Integration adapter is built on SAP CPQ, sharing its technologies. Additionally, it utilizes the same security measures as SAP CPQ, including authentication and data encryption. Reliable data processing is guaranteed since the adapter doesn't store any of your data.

Embedded in SAP CPQ

Rapid deployment

Your SAP CPQ administration team can easily navigate within our solution thanks to shared technologies and a comprehensive installation guide. This process saves a significant amount of effort compared to building a custom integration from scratch.

Integration adapter provides both Opportunity First and Quote First approaches, as well as a long list of features to support specifics of your Lead-to-Cash process, including:

• Quote Creation and Editing from Opportunity, Opportunity Creation and Update from Quote.

• Customers, Products, Pricebook data exchange.

• SAP CPQ Generated document sending to Salesforce.

• Salesforce dedicated CTX tags, Attaching all revisions to the same opportunity, Make Quote Primary, Default Partner function for Salesforce account, etc.

All essentials are included

SAP Certified


CLARITY's SAP CPQ integration adapter has met all security, performance, and maintenance standards set by SAP. Any of the available features can be easily enabled based on your needs.

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