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Make winning
pricing decisions.


Get the right price every time you quote. Win more deals by making informed, intelligent pricing decisions guided by price management tools and AI-powered recommendations.

Master profitable pricing in 5 steps.

From strategy to execution, these 5 fundamentals will help you adjust your pricing model strategies to meet the challenges of today’s competitive markets



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Streamline complex pricing and sales processes.

CLARITY is a leading quote-to-cash solution provider with the largest amount of pricing and CPQ implementation projects in manufacturing, metals, and high-tech industries. Leveraging dynamic price management tools and an AI-powered price optimization engine, our tailored integrations ensure every quote is pinpoint accurate and mindful of your margins. 

Optimize your pricing with AI.

Take the guesswork out of pricing and drive profitable growth and revenue with the industry’s fastest time-to-value cloud platform. Pricefx’s AI-driven pricing solutions and management tools empower your enterprise and sales team with real-time data and actionable insights, unlocking unique market advantages ahead of your competitors.


Flexible and agile price management.

There’s no one-size-fit-all approach to pricing. Successful pricing requires transactional and consumer data such as customer segments, industry, previous corporations, deal sizes, and deal characteristics to create specific pricing profiles – all of which can be managed on Pricefx’s platform. 

Build profitable customer profiles.

Easily set intricate price lists, govern discounts and promotions of any complexity, and organize pricing in a way that enables fast re-calculations across customer segments, product groups, and regions to ensure you’re providing the correct price at that precise moment. 


Pricing isn’t what 
it used to be.

Pricing has evolved beyond calculators and spreadsheets, replaced with digital and AI solutions that can dynamically adjust prices based on external factors and consumers’ buying habits.

If you’re pricing the old-fashioned way, not only are you playing catch up with your competitors, but you won’t be able to quickly respond to changes in your industry. Without that real-time data and the ability to set and manage prices on the fly, you’re leaving money on the table and losing out on the hidden value found in potential sales transaction and customer data analytics. 

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Leverage Industry-Leading Pricing and CPQ Solution Integration

Improve the efficiency and profitability of technical pricing-related tasks like margin optimization, price management, rebates, discounting, price listing, and more, with comprehensive price management tools and an AI pricing optimization engine.

Provide a richer customer experience by empowering your sales team and partners to easily offer complex product configurations, optimized pricing, and great-looking proposals with the SAP CPQ solution. Accelerate sales by connecting SAP CPQ to your CRM, e-commerce, or ERP platform.

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